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steps towards a truly sustainable business


Instead of being driven by our past performance, competitors or industry standards, our Enrich Not Exploit™ Commitment is inspired by the needs of our planet and its people. This is not simply about doing less harm, but about actively working toward a clear destination: a future in which humanity and other life can flourish on Earth forever.


Every company needs to do its bit if such a future is to become a reality. But what part must The Body Shop play? To answer that question, we worked with the Future-Fit Foundation, building on best-available science to define seven long-term goals that we must ultimately strive to meet to fulfil our aim:

  1. Source all inputs in ways that have no negative social of environmental impact
  2. Emit no substances which could harm the environment or society
  3. Ensure the presence of the business does not cause disruption to ecosystems
  4. Meet needs without any environmental impact, during product use and at end of life
  5. Create a working environment within which all employees can flourish
  6. Help to create thriving communities wherever the business operates
  7. Engage and empower customers to act in the best interests of people and the environment